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Physics Wallah Web Series Cast Name: In this article we will be discussing all the essential information related to the popular web series “Physics Wallah”.

In this post, we will provide you with all the essential information related to the Physics Wallah Amazon Mini TV, including the cast and crew, its premiere date, and a brief overview of the plot.

Whether you’re a fan of Alakh Pandey or interested in learning more about the show, you’re in the right place. So sit back, relax, and join us and check out the cast info of “Physics Wallah.”

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Physics Wallah Web Series Cast Real Name

Physics Wallah Web Series Ott
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Cast MemberRole
Shreedhar DubeyAlakh Pandey (Physics Wallah)
Anurag AroraVyom Upadhyay
Anurag ThakurTushar
Radha BhattAditi
Anjuman SaxenaAlakh’s Mother
Ishika GagnejaShivangi
Snower Sania VasudevSoniya Ma’am
Oksana SidorovaLily
Saif HyderPrateek
Yatindra BahugunaN/A
Kabir SharmaN/A
Masood AkhtarAlakh’s Father
Satyam SharmaN/A
Raj SharmaChampak
Krishna KotianVerma Sir
Danish AnejaJassi
Vishal BharadwajNaman Sir
Niharika VenkateshTanya Ma’am
Yatendra BahugunaDhawan Sir
Rajeev SharmaTripathi sir

Physics Wallah Web Series Cast With Photos

Shreedhar Dubey

Shriidhar Dubey
Image Source: Instagram

Shreedhar Dubey is an Indian actor who has worked in a number of films and television shows. He is best known for his role as Alakh Pandey, also known as Physics Wallah, in the web series “Physics Wallah”.

Prior to his work on “Physics Wallah”, Dubey appeared in several popular Hindi films, including “Batti Gul Meter Chalu”, “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha”, and “Hichki”.

Anurag Arora

Anuraag Arora
Image Source: Instagram

Anurag Arora is an Indian actor who has worked in both Bollywood films and television shows. He is best known for his performances in “Dangal”, “Stree”, and “Mardaani”. In “Physics Wallah”, Arora plays the role of Vyom Upadhyay, a strict and demanding teacher who mentors Alakh Pandey.

Anurag Thakur

Anurag Thakur
Image Source: Instagram

“Anurag Thakur” is an Indian actor who has appeared in a number of Hindi films and “TV SHOWS”. He is known for his roles in films such as “Chhichhore”, “Sonchiriya”, and “Ludo”. In “Physics Wallah”, Thakur plays the role of Tushar, a friend of Alakh Pandey.

Radha Bhatt

Radha Bhatt
Image Source: Instagram

Radha Bhatt is an Indian actress who has appeared in a number of Hindi films and “TV Shows”..She is known for her performances in “Saina”, “Ginny Weds Sunny”, and “The Great Indian Kitchen”. In “Physics Wallah”, Bhatt plays the role of Aditi, a love interest of Alakh Pandey.

Ishika Gagneja

Ishika Gagneja
Image Source: Instagram

Ishika Gagneja is an Indian actress who has appeared in a number of Hindi films and television shows. She is known for her performances in “Yaariyan”, “Sanam Teri Kasam”, and “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”. In “Physics Wallah”, Gagneja plays the role of Shivangi, a friend of Alakh Pandey.

Snower Sania Vasudev

Snower Sania Vasudev
Image Source: Instagram

Snower Sania Vasudev is an Indian actress who has appeared in several Hindi television shows. In “Physics Wallah”, Vasudev plays the role of Soniya Ma’am, a teacher at the coaching center where Alakh Pandey studies.

Saif Hyder as Prateek

Saif Hyder
Image Source: Instagram

Saif Hyder and his role in “Physics Wallah” as Prateek. Saif Hyder is indeed a talented actor who has appeared in a number of Hindi films and TV shows.

His performance in “Physics Wallah” has been well received by audiences and critics alike. We wish him all the best for his future projects.

Physics Wallah Web Series Cast Instagram

Cast NameInstagram ID
Shridhar Dubey@shriidhardubey
Radha Bhatt@radhabhatt
Anurag Thakur@anurag.thakurrr
Anuraag Arora@anuraag_arora_official
Ishika Gagneja@ishika.gagneja
Saif Hyder@saifshyder
Avneet KaurN/A
Vishal DubeyN/A
Nupur NagarN/A
Abhishek DhandhariaN/A
Hemant PandeyN/A

Crew Members

Crew MemberRole
Abhishek DhandhariaDirector, Producer, Series Creator
Sameer MishraWriter
Mayank RaiExecutive Producer, Second Unit Director
Goyell SaabMusic
Manikandan RamamoorthyCinematography
Sruthy SukumaranFilm Editing
Chaitanya DevarakondaFilm Editing
Devesh NigamCasting Director
Rohit JhaProduction Design
Kusum BishtArt Direction
Anand R TiwariAssistant Art Director
Rahul VermaArt Direction
Kuldeep KushwahaHead of Production
Nikhil RaiProduction Assistant, Costume Assistant
Marshal KhanFirst Assistant Director
Prashant Pratap SinghFirst Assistant Director
Foram GajjarThird Assistant Director
Rahul PrabhakaranSound
Girish SinghFoley
Joseph ThomasFoley
Piyush PrajapatiVisual Effects
Inder GautamCasting Assistant
Ankit Ayushi JainScript Supervisor
Aashu KumarProduction Coordinator
Ajay GovindSpecial Thanks

Details of Physics Wallah Web Series Amazon Mini TV

Physics Wallah Amazon Mini TV Cast
Image Source: Google
TitlePhysics Wallah
Release DateDecember 15, 2022
Running Time45-55 minutes per episode
Directed byAbhishek Dhandharia
Created byAbhishek Dhandharia
Written bySameer Mishra

“Physics Wallah” The series premiered on Amazon Mini TV on December 15, 2022, and is based on the life of the famous Indian Physics teacher Alakh Pandey.

“Physics Wallah” is a six-episode web series that revolves around the life of Alakh Pandey, a young and visionary Physics teacher who creates an advanced and affordable education system.

The series highlights his journey, battles against corporate giants, and the internal struggles he faces to create a new-age parallel education system.

The show features an exceptional Physics Wallah Web Series Cast that includes Shriidhar Dubey as Alakh Pandey, Radha Bhatt as Aditi, Anurag Thakur as Tushar, and many more.

The series aims to inspire viewers with the message that “everything has a meaning or purpose” and to help them rediscover their path with motivation from “Physics Wallah.”

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Physics Wallah Amazon Mini TV Web Series Plot

Physics Wallah Web Series Cast
Image Source: Google

The story of the Amazon Mini TV web series “Physics Wallah” follows the journey of Alakh Pandey, a skilled and ambitious B-Tech student who dreams of achieving greatness in his life.

He comes across a vacant position for a Physics teacher at a popular institute, but when things don’t work out as he expected, Alakh decides to create his own path.

He starts his own YouTube channel as a classroom for those seeking answers, and embarks on a journey to bring his vision of an advanced and highly affordable education system to fruition.

The series follows Alakh’s struggles and challenges as he navigates through the competitive world of education and deals with personal issues, including his relationships with his family and colleagues.

While the premise of the show is inspiring, the execution and portrayal of the main character have been criticized for being overly aggressive and unlikeable.

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Physics Wallah Web Series Total Episodes

Physics Wallah Web Series Cast Name
Image Source: Google
Episode TitleRelease DateRuntime
Achcha TeacherDec 15, 202254 min
Aman and NagmaDec 15, 202249 min
πDec 15, 202247 min
E=mc²Dec 15, 202249 min
Leader LogDec 15, 202246 min
HeroDec 15, 202253 min

The series consists of six episodes, each approximately 50 minutes long.

Here’s a brief summary of each episode of the Physics Wallah web series:

Episode 1: “Achcha Teacher” – Alakh Pandey, a young engineering student, struggles to find a job as a physics teacher at a coaching institute. He decides to start his own YouTube channel to teach physics to students.

Episode 2: “Aman and Nagma” – Alakh faces challenges in growing his YouTube channel, including a lack of resources and funding. He works hard to create engaging content and build a community of followers.

Episode 3: π” – Alakh’s YouTube channel starts gaining popularity, and he begins to receive positive feedback and support from students and parents. He also gets a job offer from a coaching institute.

Episode 4: “E=mc²” – Alakh faces competition from other YouTube channels and coaching institutes. He works to improve the quality of his content and maintain his position as a leading physics teacher.

Episode 5: “Leader Log” – Alakh’s YouTube channel continues to grow, and he starts collaborating with other content creators and educators. He also receives recognition and awards for his work.

Episode 6: “Hero” – Alakh reflects on his journey and shares his vision for the future of education. He inspires others to pursue their passions and make a positive impact in the world.

Reviews and Rating

“Physicswallah” is an inspiring and motivational story, especially for young people. Many viewers appreciate Alakh Sir’s dedication to his work and his love for his students.

Some reviewers praised the direction and acting, while others criticized the fictionalization of some events. The show has an overall positive rating, with most reviewers giving it a 9 or 10 out of 10.

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  1. How to Physics Wallah Web Series Watch Online?

    You can watch Physics Wallah Web Series online on Amazon Mini TV App.

  2. Who are the actors in Alakh Pandey web series?

    The web series “Physics Wallah” is based on the life of Alakh Pandey, a famous Indian Physics teacher. The Physics Wallah Web Series Cast includes Shreedhar Dubey as Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah), Anurag Arora as Vyom Upadhyay, Anurag Thakur as Tushar, Radha Bhatt as Aditi, Anjuman Saxena as Alakh’s Mother, Ishika Gagneja as Shivangi, among others.

  3. Who are the actors in physics Wala?

    The actors in the Physics Wallah Web Series Cast include Shreedhar Dubey, Anurag Arora, Anurag Thakur, Radha Bhatt, Anjuman Saxena, Ishika Gagneja, Snower Sania Vasudev, Oksana Sidorova, Saif Hyder, Yatindra Bahuguna, Kabir Sharma, Masood Akhtar, Satyam Sharma, Raj Sharma, and Krishna Kotian, among others.

  4. Who is Alakh Pandey wife?

    Shivani Dubey is alakh pandey’s wife.

  5. Who is the actor in PW web series?

    The Physics Wallah Web Series Cast includes various actors who play different roles. Shreedhar Dubey plays the lead role of Alakh Pandey, also known as Physics Wallah, while Anurag Arora, Anurag Thakur, Radha Bhatt, and others play supporting roles.

  6. What is Lily’s real name in Physics Wallah web series?

    Oksana Sidorova plays the role of Lily in the web series “Physics Wallah”. Oksana Sidorova is a Russian model and actress who has appeared in several films and TV shows.

  7. Who is the leader of Physics Wallah?

    Alakh Pandey, who is also known as Physics Wallah, is the founder and leader of the online education platform Physics Wallah.

  8. Who is the real life character of Physics Wallah?

    The real-life character of the web series “Physics Wallah” is Alakh Pandey, a famous Indian Physics teacher who has gained popularity through his online education platform Physics Wallah.

  9. Who is babita in Physics Wallah?

    There is no information available regarding any character named Babita in the web series “Physics Wallah”


In conclusion, we have provided you with a comprehensive list of the Physics Wallah Web Series cast name, including the main actors and their characters.

We have also given you some additional information about the real-life Alakh Pandey, whose life the series is based on. Thank you for reading, and enjoy watching Physics Wallah on Amazon Mini TV!

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