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Gutur Gu Web Series Cast: In this article, we will be discuss about Gutur Gu Amazon Mini TV Cast, a popular web series that has been entertaining audiences across the globe.

We will take a closer look at the talented cast of Gutur Gu Web Series, as well as explore the storyline and the various platforms on which it is available.

Amazon Mini TV has recently released a mind blowing amazing web series Gutar Gu. This series is creating buzz on youth and teenagers. Basically this series available to watch free on Amazon Shopping app in India.

So if you already watched Gutar gu web series and wanted to know the cast and crew info of Gutar gu web series?

So don’t worry about it we gathered all the information about cast and make complete article on it just for it. Here you will find all the essential information about Gutar Gu Amazon Mini TV Cast.

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Additionally, we will check the Gutur Gu Amazon Mini TV show’s popularity on social media, including its presence on Instagram and the cast’s personal accounts.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of teenage web series then this article is sure to provide you with some interesting insights and information about Gutur Gu Amazon Mini TV Web Series.

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Gutur Gu Web Series Cast Real Names

Gutur Gu Web Series Cast
Image Source: Google
Cast MemberRole
Ashlesha ThakurRitu
Vishesh BansalAnuj
Cindrella D’cruzAnuj’s mother
Aarrian SawantVineet
Satish RayAmit Bhaiya
Gunjan SainiPari
Tushar ShahiAdi
Shubham KumarUmair
Shambhavi SthapakSonal
Anjali IsraniRashi
Sarah Medha BachmannCoaching Classmate
Nidhi DiwanInvigilator

Gutur Gu Web Series Cast With Photos

Ashlesha Thakur as Ritu

Ashlesha Thakur
Image Source: Instagram

Ashlesha Thakur is an Indian actress who plays the role of Ritu in “Gutar Gu”. She is known for her roles in various TV shows, including “The Kapil Sharma Show”, “Savdhaan India”, and “Crime Patrol”.

Vishesh Bansal as Anuj

Vishesh Bansal
Image Source: Instagram

Vishesh Bansal is an Indian actor who plays the role of Anuj in “Gutar Gu”. He is best known for his portrayal of young Baldev Singh in the TV series “Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap”.

Cindrella D’cruz as Anuj’s mother

Cindrella D’cruz
Image Source: Instagram

Cindrella D’cruz is an Indian actress who plays the role of Anuj’s mother in “Gutar Gu”. She is known for her roles in TV shows such as “Gandi Baat”, and “Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega”.

Aarrian Sawant as Vineet

Aarrian Sawant
Image Source: Instagram

Aarrian Sawant is an Indian actor who plays the role of Vineet in “Gutar Gu”. He is teenage artist and he has appeared in various TV shows, including “Balika Vadhu” and “Dil Dosti Dance”.

Satish Ray as Amit Bhaiya

Satish Ray
Image Source: Instagram

Satish Ray is an Indian actor who plays the role of Amit Bhaiya in “Gutar Gu”. He is known for his roles in TV shows like “Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani”, “Pavitra Rishta”, and “Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya”.

Gunjan Saini as Pari

Gunjan Saini
Image Source: Instagram

Gunjan Saini is an Indian actress who plays the role of Pari in “Gutar Gu”. She has appeared in several TV commercials and short films.

Tushar Shahi as Adi

Tushar Shahi
Image Source: Instagram

Tushar Shahi is an Indian actor who plays the role of Adi in “Gutar Gu”. He is friend of Anuj and played some funny and comedy roles in the series. He has acted in TV shows like “Sadda Haq”, “Suhani Si Ek Ladki”, and “Chandra Nandni”.

Shubham Kumar as Umair

Shubham Kumar
Image Source: Instagram

Shubham Kumar is an Indian actor who plays the role of Umair in “Gutar Gu”. He is also friend of Anuj and Adi acted funny and comedy roles in the series. This is his debut web series.

Shambhavi Sthapak as Sonal

Shambhavi Sthapak
Image Source: Instagram

Shambhavi is an artist who played the character of Sonal in the Amazon mini TV series “Gutur Gu.”

Shambhavi has 11k followers on Instagram. One of her beliefs seems to be “what you do, do it with conviction.”

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Crew Members of Gutar gur

Creator and DirectorSaqib Pandor
ProducerGuneet Monga
ProducerAchin Jain
WritersGunjan Saxena
WritersGarima Kunzru
Executive ProducerAmit Saxena
Associate ProducerRaunak Bajaj
Associate ProducerManpreet Bacchhar
Director of PhotographySriram Ganapathy
EditorAkshara Prabhakar
Original Music ScoreGaurav Chatterji
Costume DesignerAbhilasha Sharma
Production DesignerSatyajit Deshpande
Sound DesignPranit Purao
Post ProducerPrashen Kyawal
Post CoordinatorSambhav J
Director’s AssistantAvinash Kumar

Gutur Gu Web Series Cast Instagram

Cast MembersDetails
Ashlesha ThakurInstagram: @ashleshathaakur
Vishesh BansalInstagram: @vishesh.bansal24
Cindrella D’cruzInstagram: @cindrella.dcruz
Aarrian SawantInstagram: @aarrian.sawant
Satish RayInstagram: @satishray_
Gunjan SainiInstagram: @gunjan_sainii_
Tushar ShahiInstagram: @t_shady
Shubham KumarInstagram: @shubhamkumarishere

Details of Gutur Gu Web Series Amazon Mini TV

Gutur Gu Web Series Cast with photos
Image Source: Google
TitleGutar Gu (Gutar Gu)
GenreRomantic comedy web series
Release dateApril 5, 2023
Running time30-40 minutes
Directed bySaqib Pandor
Produced byGuneet Monga, Achin Jain
AvailabilityAmazon Mini TV

Gutar Gu is a new Hindi-language web series that premiered on April 5, 2023, exclusively on Amazon Mini TV.

The show revolves around the romantic story of Anuj and Ritu and their journey of falling in love.

The Gutar Gu series cast is Ashlesha Thakur as Ritu and Vishesh Bansal as Anuj, along with Satish Ray in a supporting role. The show has a total of 6 episodes, with each episode running for 30-40 minutes.

Gutur Gu Web Series Amazon Mini TV is directed by Saqib Pandor and produced by Guneet Monga and Achin Jain.

The story is written by Gunjan Saxena and Garima Kunzru, while the music is composed by Gaurav Chatterji.

The show’s cinematography is handled by Sriram Ganapathy, and the editing is done by Akshara Prabhakar.

Gutar Gu is a light-hearted romantic-comedy that captures the innocence and cuteness of first love, while also showcasing the drama that comes with desi parents.

The series is available exclusively on Amazon Mini TV in Hindi language.

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The web series “Gutar Gu” tells the cute love story between Anuj and Ritu. The main characters are played by Ashlesha Thaakur, Vishesh Bansal, and Satish Roy.

The show is a romantic comedy that follows the couple as they navigate their new romance. The story includes the cuteness of first love, love advice from a guru, and drama with traditional parents.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, fun, and entertaining love story, Gutar Gu is definitely worth a watch.

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Gutur Gu Web Series Episodes

Episode No.TitleRelease DateDuration
1Welcome To The Club of AashiqsApr 4, 202326 min
2Darr Ke Aage Kiss haiApr 4, 202324 min
3Eent Ka Jawab Patthar SeApr 4, 202325 min
4How Well Do You Know Ritu?Apr 4, 202324 min
5Why Do You Love Me?Apr 4, 202323 min
6Sab Sambhal LengeApr 4, 202327 min



  1. Where can I watch Gutur Gu Web Series?

    You can watch Gutur Gu Web Series on the online streaming platform Amazon Mini TV.

  2. How many seasons of Gutur Gu Web Series are there?

    Currently, there is only one season of Gutur Gu consisting of six episodes.

  3. Who are the main characters of Gutur Gu Web Series?

    The main characters of Gutur Gu Web Series are Anuj and Ritu, portrayed by Vishesh Bansal and Ashlesha Thaakur respectively.

  4. What is Gutur Gu Web Series Actress Name?

    Ashlesha Thaakur is main lead actress of Gutur Gu Web Series.

  5. Is Gutur Gu Web Series suitable for children?

    Gutur Gu is a family-friendly web series and is suitable for all age groups.

  6. What is the genre of Gutur Gu Web Series?

    Gutur Gu is a romantic comedy web series.

  7. What is Gutur Gu Web Series Release date?

    Gutur Gu was released on April 4, 2023.

  8. What is the duration of each episode of Gutur Gu Web Series?

    Each episode of Gutur Gu has a runtime of approximately 20-25 minutes.

  9. Will there be a second season of Gutur Gu?

    As of now, there is no official announcement regarding a second season of Gutur Gu.


In conclusion, this article provided information about the Gutur Gu Amazon Mini TV Cast, which is a rom-com series that follows the cute love story between Anuj and Ritu.

The main cast includes Ashlesha Thaakur, Vishesh Bansal, and Satish Roy. The series is available on Amazon Mini TV and has gained popularity among viewers.

The article also covered the Gutur Gu cast’s Instagram profiles and shared their photos. Overall, the article provided a comprehensive overview of Gutur Gu and its cast.

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