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In this article, we will be discussing the new Indian Chakori Web Series BigMovieZoo.

We will share complete the Chakori Web Series details, including the storyline, cast, crew, release date, and more.

Chakori BigMovieZoo Web Series

Chakori Web Series Watch online
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Show NameChakori
Release DateSeason 1- 17 December 2021
GenreDrama, Romance, 18+
OTT PlatformBigMovieZoo
Origin CountryIndia
DirectorAmir Malik

Chakori BigMovieZoo is a new web series that tells the story of a young woman named Chakori, who goes out to sell milk every morning and becomes the object of affection for the owner of the dairy.

Through her stunning beauty and cunning traps, Chakori breaks hearts and becomes a wound in the hearts of many.

The web series is produced by BMZ WORLDWIDE (OPC) PVT.LTD. and directed by Amir Malik.

Chakori Web Series Actress name
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The key cast of Chakori includes Pooja Singh, Pooja Anand, Mohit, and Manish Nahar. The show falls under the drama, romance, and 18+ genres, and the release date of the first season is yet to be announced.

The web series is set in India and will be available to watch on an online streaming platform, which is also yet to be revealed.

The show’s plot promises to be full of twists and turns, with the beautiful Chakori causing chaos and breaking hearts wherever she goes.

With a talented cast and crew behind it, Chakori is sure to be a must-watch for fans of drama and romance. Stay tuned for more information on the release date and where to watch the show online.

Chakori Web Series Cast

Chakori Web Series
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Key Cast
Pooja Singh
Pooja Anand
Manish Nahar

Crew members

Crew MemberPosition
Amir MalikDirector
BMZ Worldwide (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.Production Company

Chakori Web Series BigMovieZoo Story

Chakori Web Series Cast
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The story of Chakori revolves around a young girl named Chakori, who becomes the beloved of the owner after going out to sell milk in the early morning.

The owner, mesmerized by her beauty, creates a trap to keep her close to him.

This leads to broken relationships and Chakori becomes the wound of every heart. The series explores themes of love, obsession, and betrayal.

Chakori Web Series Watch Online Full Episode

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  1. What is the release date of the Chakori web series Bigmoviezoo?

    “Chakori” web series was released on 17 December 2021.

  2. What is Chakori Web Series Actress Name Bigmoviezoo?

    Pooja Singh is the actress in the Chakori web series Bigmoviezoo.

  3. Who is the director of the Chakori web series Bigmoviezoo?

    The director of “Chakori” web series is Amir Malik.

  4. Where can I watch the Chakori web series online?

    “Chakori” will be available for streaming on the OTT platform “BigMovieZoo“.

  5. How many episodes will be there in the Chakori Bigmoviezoo web series?

    The number of episodes in the “Chakori” web series has not known.

  6. Who are the main cast members of the Chakori web series?

    The cast of Chakori is led by Pooja Singh, who plays the titular character. Other key cast members include Pooja Anand, Mohit, and Manish Nahar.


In conclusion, Chakori BigMovieZoo is a gripping web series that captures the audience’s attention from the first episode.

If you’re a fan of Hindi web series, Chakori is definitely worth a watch. The series is available on the BMZ WorldWide App, so you can stream it anytime and anywhere.

So go ahead, watch the series on BigMovieZoo App and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear your feedback!

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