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Rose Marlo Web Series Watch Online: In this article, we will provide you with details about the upcoming Indian web series “Rose Marlo.”

The web series is produced by Cine Prime and is set to premiere on January 20, 2023.

Rose Marlo Cine Prime Web Series Overview Below are the details about the upcoming web series “Rose Marlo”:

Rose Marlo Web Series CinePrime: Overview

Rose Marlo Web Series Cast
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Show NameRose Marlo
Release DateJanuary 20, 2023
GenreDrama, Romance
Production HouseCine Prime
Country of OriginIndia

Rose Marlo” is an upcoming Indian web series produced by Cine Prime, set to debut on January 20, 2023. The series revolves around a lady and her lover, with less attention paid to her by him, until a new woman enters their lives.

The show features actors such as Sanjay Bhardwaj, Jaya Pandey, Jaid Khan, and Pooja Singh in key roles.

With three seasons and three episodes in total, the web series is available in Hindi and can be watched online on the official Cine Prime website and App.

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Rose Marlo Web Series Cast

Rose Marlo Web Series Actress Name
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Pihu JaiswalN/A
Zaid KhanN/A
Jaya PandeyN/A
Sanjay BhardwajN/A
Pooja SinghN/A
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Crew Members

CreatorCine Prime
ProducerSharda Tiwari
Written byN/A
Casting DirectorRaunak/Vinay
Dubbing MixingDeepak Mandal
Director of Photography (DOP)Azhar Shaikh, Rocky Jain
DI (Digital Intermediate)Jacky
Production companyCine Prime
DistributorCine Prime


Rose Marlo Web Series Cineprime
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The official synopsis of the web series “Rose Marlo” is not available yet. However, the story is about a Woman and her Lover, whose lives change when a NEW woman enters their lives.

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Rose Marlo Web Series Watch Online

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  1. When will the web series “Rose Marlo” release?

    The web series “Rose Marlo” is set to release on January 20, 2023.

  2. Who are the main cast members of the web series “Rose Marlo”?

    The main cast of the web series “Rose Marlo” includes Pihu Jaiswal, Sanjay Bhardwaj, Jaya Pandey, Zaid Khan, and Pooja Singh.

  3. Who is the director of the Rose Marlo CinePrime Web Series?

    The director of the web series “Rose Marlo” is Irfan.

  4. Where can I watch the web series “Rose Marlo” online?

    You can watch the web series “Rose Marlo” online on the official website of Cine Prime and the Cine Prime app.

  5. How many episodes are there in the web series “Rose Marlo”?

    The web series “Rose Marlo” has three seasons and three episodes in total.

  6. What is Rose Marlo Web Series Actress name?

    Rose Marlo CinePrime Web Series Actress Name is Pihu Jaiswal and Jaya Pandey.


In this article, we discussed the details of the “Rose Marlo” web series produced by Cine Prime.

We covered information such as the show overview, cast and crew details, release date, and where to watch it online.

We hope this article was informative and helps you in getting excited about the Rose Marlo Cineprime Web Series.

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